Fire Giant King of Orus


A fire giant (MM pg. 123) with a Fighter Class Template.

<u>Class Powers</u>

At Will:Cleave

Encounter:  Scattering Swing, Vorpal Tornado

Daily: Serpent Dance Strike

Utility:Giant's Stride, Strength from Pain


A fire giant chieftain of the Atlas mountains who consolidated the power of the scattered giant tribes of the atlas mountains into the Kingdom of Orus.

Built the city Orus upon a spot with planar connections to the city of brass, and grew his kingdom's might until it's local arena, the Eye of Exuro, could become part of the official imperial circuit.

Leader of the Flamespeakers, the cult dedicated to Exuro, the primordial who slumbers beneath the volcano named for him.  The Flamespeakers are the official state religion of Orus.


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