Gladius 4e

New Companions within the Pyramid

After recovering from their wounds the party began making plans to set out from the entry room, when suddenly the ambient light emanating from the walls dimmed briefly and two men appeared within the entry pit.

The men crawled out of the pit and introduced themselves as Ludo Lharso, a “business man” who happened upon a small black pyramid, and found himself within this pit, and Felix, a war-priest, presenting the symbol of no god, who had no idea how he ended up here, or even who he was aside from his name. After introductions all around, the party and the new recruits decided that if they were all looking for an exit, perhaps they should look together.

Proceeding north the party encountered a room swarming with diseased, mutant rats, and handily destroyed the whole colony, burning the nests, before moving on. Humorous comments were made as to the nature of Karavakos’s decor, “closet full of skulls, well at least he’s consistent.”

Further on they found a library, the territory of humanoid beings, lacking a face aside from their eyes, unrecognized by anyone within the party. The creatures emanated a constant psychic whisper of multiple garbled languages that caused mental discomfort to their prey. Obviously protecting the library the beings attacked the party, some armed with bows, and some with scimitars and mental assaults.

The party was victorious, and even captured one of the creatures, who filled them in on the details; he and his brethren were servants of the god Vecna, what they knew, the god of secrets knew, and this library contained much knowledge. The eaters of knowledge, had intentionally come to this pyramid to feast on the knowledge they had recieved visions of being within. There was a wizard within behind the closed doors atop the bookshelves, a tiefling wizard. The eaters of knowledge had a simple deal with him, they could consume any knowledge within the library, as long as they didn’t disturb his studies.

The party offered their captive another deal, he and his brethren could live, if they stayed out of the way of the party killing the wizard, whom they believed to be a shard of Karavakos. The creature, without other options, agreed. However, after passing through the closed doors, and into the wizard’s study, the creature sent out a silent telepathic message to his companions, and they rushed to his rescue, along with the shard of Karavakos.

The party was victorious again, and found a key with a strange inscription, which the head of Vyrelis identified as one of three required for entry to the top tier of the pyramid. Thoroughly exhausted, the party bedded down for another rest.



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