Gladius 4e

Finally using Obsidian Portal!

It's about time

After months of letting this thing go unattended to, I'm finally using it as my campaign journal.

The Story So Far…

The Beasts of Flame and Steel, a gladiatorial school based out of Belfort, have recently returned from their latest exploit; burning to the ground a town inhabited solely by cultists to the demon prince Dagon. Cultists who lured travellers to their town by providing shelter from rain-storms summoned by their high priest, and then magically compelled said travellers to drown themselves; a sacrifice to their awful lord.

With their evil-cult destruction counter up to three, and Ro'jhi beggining to develop a serious cynical streak due to the constant barrage of wolves-in sheep's-clothing, the school enjoyed some much needed R&R in Orus, while spending their hard-earned treasure on new rituals and equipment.

Armed with a few new goodies, the Beasts took on the Orus league champion, a megalomaniacal young red dragon named Raelcressensisix, better known as Scorch. The dragon offered them an interesting side wager; the loser could never set foot in the arena again.

The (kind-of) good-guys won, but only by a slim margin, and offered the dragon a new deal; fight for the Beasts of Flame and Steel, and he could fight all he wanted. Thoroughly subdued, Scorch agreed.

 Next Time…

Krusk has been hard at work for the school in Belfort, and a surprising new recruit brings the party word of orc lietenant's surprising new request.



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